Big Mango Properties - Condos and Homes for Sale and Rent in Thailand

Big Mango Properties specialize in offering the best quality accommodation in the most popular locations at the best possible price for tourists and business travelers in Thailand and across Asia.

About Big Mango Properties

Big Mango Properties is a leader in the Pattaya (Thailand) real estate market. We are widely recognized as being one of the most trusted, knowledgeable and professionally managed property agencies in Thailand, with an especially strong presence in Pattaya. Michael Barricelli, Owner and Managing Director of Big Mango Properties has owned and operated a real estate agency in Thailand for over twelve years and has over 30 years of broad-based business experience to assist our clients with acquiring property suitable to their needs.

With offices at Soi Diana (Map Link) in Central Pattaya and Boonsamphan Road (Soi Khao Noi) in East Pattaya (Map Link), Pattaya’s popular suburban neighborhood, we are sure to have a location most convenient for you.

Our Mission:   The mission of Big Mango Properties is to serve as a trusted and knowledgeable business advisor to anyone interested in buying, selling or leasing residential or commercial property in the Pattaya region. We believe in sticking with our clients throughout the entire process of searching for, negotiating, acquiring and settling into their new property.